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RT @undefeatable: Being Undefeatable is understanding that moving more when you can is just as important as accepting when you can’t.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣…

Corona Virus: We are still here but physical orders are delayed as our staff are remote working. When we return to the office we will clear the backlog ASAP.  More Info on Coronavirus Our helpline continues to be available between 10 and 4 weekdays on 0300 999 3333

Contact Form Issues - We are having some issues with our contact forms. If they do not work please email head.office@fmauk.org.

May FaMily magazine section

Each month articles included in the Fibromyalgia Association section of the FaMily Magazine will be previewed on this site. If you like the look of what you see you can decide to purchase a year's subscription.  

The Dating Game by Kathy Longley
Finding a decent date can be challenging for anyone, but throw in a chronic illness like fibromyalgia and you can feel that you are always at the back of the queue. Quite possibly you may be hiding there thinking, 'Who would want to date me and get involved with all my problems?' Well, many people actually. You may have a chronic illness that puts various restrictions on what you can and can't do, but that shouldn't define you and doesn't stop you being a beautiful, lovable human being that others would appreciate getting to know if only you would give them the chance. And don't forget that who ever you meet is likely to come with their own bag of problems,…..  

Early Pregnancy: the physical and emotional challenges with Midwife Denyse Moore
The test is positive! Well done, may I be the first, well okay maybe the second or third person to congratulate you on your success. I hope you had some fun getting to this stage. Pregnancy tests are so sensitive nowadays that they can detect your pregnancy as early as the first day of your missed period. The indicator may only show up faintly, but faint or not, if it is there so is your baby. From now until the end of week 10 your baby will make its presence known in a variety of ways by changing the way things taste and smell, rewiring your emotions enough to make you want to weep at adverts for toilet roll and, for some, making even waking up a more tiring experience than usual. You have jumped onto the pregnancy rollercoaster…..  

THE WONDER OF WATER by Gaynor Sutherland
In my search to find ways to help alleviate the symptoms of FMS, it became clear very early on just what an effect ordinary water has on the body. Dehydration seems to be the cause of many problems. Everyone has experienced the effects of dehydration at some time or another if only in mild form by way of a headache or constipation. However, many people do not realise that dehydration is also said to be the cause of fatigue and pain as well as many other symptoms too….
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Shiatsu & Fibromyalgia
What is Shiatsu? Shiatsu is a therapeutic practice that can support individuals in moving towards greater health and well-being. The word 'Shiatsu' is Japanese meaning ‘finger pressure’ and the technique uses hand pressure on the same points and meridian lines employed by acupuncturists. In addition, it uses manipulative techniques like holding or cranial work through to more physical techniques such as trigger point therapy to adjust the body's physical structure and its natural inner energies. Shiatsu is deeply relaxing yet energising and is often used to help ward off illness and maintain good health…..  

Report from Trustees' Meeting 3rd and 4th March 2007
The first item on the agenda was to elect a chair as this has to be done at the first meeting of every year. Pam Stewart was re-elected as chair. The trustees are very sorry to lose Janet McFarlane as a trustee and will miss her tremendous enthusiasm, support and work. It was agreed that Pam would present her with a gift from the trustees, which was presented on 10th March….  

FM Government Petitions
If you can't attend the APPG you can still have significant political influence by lobbying Parliament through e-petitions. There are currently four e-petitions you can sign to bring fibromyalgia to the attention of politicians. If 100 people sign a petition it will be passed to officials who work for the Prime Minister in Downing Street, or sent to the relevant government department for a response. Logon to the following web pages and add your name. If you wish you can even start your own e-petition and advertise it in the magazine to ask others to sign up…..  

In the Spotlight with Marylyn Restarick
Marylyn lives in Chippenham, Wiltshire with her husband Clive, two cats, Bonnie and Heidi, and their seven-month old Shit Tzu puppy, Lexie. She has recently taken over from Betty Farron as regional coordinator for the South West. Here, she tells her story and shares her views on how we could raise the profile of fibromyalgia….  

Congratulations Nicky!
Nicky Quick, from Hampshire, was the February Winner of our new magazine draw. In her thank you letter, on receipt of the cheque for £10, she told us a little bit about herself, and certainly merits congratulations for all she has achieved. She is an encouragement to us all….  

FM Law in the Last Decade by solicitor Brian Barr
The last ten years have seen great changes in the way that fibromyalgia and fibromyalgia sufferers have been looked at within the law. Most of these developments have been very positive ones. It is nearly ten years since a client won a settlement of £1.25 million after her car was hit from behind at traffic lights. She developed really bad pain, tiredness, muscle spasms and many other symptoms which we now know bear the hallmarks of fibromyalgia…  

SOAPBOX by Jeanne Hambleton
Way back in September last year I wrote about a proposed electronic health database of our medical records when questions were being raised about the ownership and access to the site and by whom? We now know it is owned by the NHS. Also, according to questions in the House of Commons, patients must opt out if they do not wish to share personal medical records with 850,000 strangers…   

Connect yourself to life! With Life Coach Pam Wright
Have you noticed how often you sense that time is either dragging or passing quickly when in fact you know that the tick of a clock is steady and relentless in it’s marking of the hours! Your viewpoint comes from what is happening to you at that moment and the feelings that surface because of it...   

FM News from Canada
Fralex Therapeutics Inc. announced the initiation of RELIEF, its pivotal study for the treatment of chronic pain associated with fibromyalgia. The trial will evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the Company's non-drug, in-home therapy, Complex Neural Pulse(TM) (CNP(TM)). The first clinical trial site in Ottawa, Ontario, has been initiated and patient screening and recruitment will begin shortly…  

Sleep Is Vital For Good Health - In CFS and FM by Dr. Sarah Myhill, MD*
The need to sleep is of paramount importance in CFS/FM patients, and “You must put as much work into your sleep as your diet,” says Doctor Myhill, who specializes in nutritional and preventive medicine. Before considering drugs, she advises her patients to manage the physical essentials - “pressing the right buttons” to put your brain to sleep, helped by low-dose natural preparations such as melatonin and valerian root…  

Therapy Insight: fibromyalgia-a different type of pain needing a different type of treatment.
In the past decade, we have made tremendous progress in our understanding of fibromyalgia, which is now recognized as one of many 'central' pain syndromes that are common in the general population. Specific genes that might confer an increased risk of developing fibromyalgia syndrome are beginning to be identified and the environment (in this case exposure to stressors) might also have a significant effect on triggering the expression of symptoms…
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