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Jemma James walked up Pen Y Fan in Wales on Saturday 8th August for FMA UK, raising £215 for the charity. We'd like… https://t.co/l3PcgmydUV

Corona Virus: We are still here but physical orders are delayed as our staff are remote working. When we return to the office we will clear the backlog ASAP.  More Info on Coronavirus Our helpline continues to be available between 10 and 4 weekdays on 0300 999 3333

Contact Form Issues - We are having some issues with our contact forms. If they do not work please email head.office@fmauk.org.

July FaMily magazine section

ImageEach month articles included in the Fibromyalgia Association section of the FaMily Magazine will be previewed on this site. If you like the look of what you see you can decide to purchase a year's subscription.

Why Do We Need to Avoid Stress by Kathy Longley
Feeling stressed is never a pleasant state to be in.  Our bodies react by releasing adrenalin into the bloodstream to increase the heart rate, raise the blood pressure, speed up the breathing and heighten blood sugar levels; we get those butterflies in the stomach and our palms start to feel sweaty as our body prepares us to fight or flee. 

In a situation of acute danger this reaction can save our lives enabling us to perform tasks possibly beyond our normal strength: to run faster than we have ever run before or to strike out at an opponent with more force than we believed possible as we ride the adrenalin surge..... Subscribe to FaMily Magazine to get more of theses articles

Pregnancy and Beyond-From Preconception Care to Postnatal Success With Midwife Denyse Moore
Tips to help you navigate through the screening and diagnostic odyssey- Part 2Diagnostic Testing (Yes or No answers)Screening tests, as described in last month's column, give healthcare practitioners a baseline to judge if it is appropriate to offer you a diagnostic test with its associated risk of miscarriage. A diagnostic test can give you a yes or no answer in relation to whether your baby has a chromosomal abnormality. It can not promise that your baby is perfect as it can't detect structural defects, though detailed scans can pick up many major structural defects. Before you decide to have any diagnostic test you must make a decision about how you will feel if you are told your baby has an abnormality and what steps you may wish to take, as a termination of your pregnancy will be offered even though many chromosomal abnormalities are compatible with life. You will need to consider how you would care for and cope with, a disabled baby, child and eventual adult....  

Focus on the Midlands: Interview with Regional Coordinator Christine Brown
How long have you been the Midlands' RC and what inspired you to get involved? This will be my fourth year as the Midlands' RC. I was originally inspired by the late Bob Stewart, a very dedicated man, and my personal passion to see a positive difference made for the fibromyalgia cause and all fibromyalgia sufferers; and with the hope to not look back in 5 years time and say we have not come very far.  “

The power of music on the road to better health” with Life Coach Pam Wright
From our earliest moments, sound has affected our mood and sense of wellbeing.  Sudden noises can startle and gentle sounds can soothe.  Certain types of sound can grate on the sensitive soul but also energise those not bothered by a metallic rasp across the airwaves…  

All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Meeting on Fibromyalgia by Jean Turner (APPG Co-ordinator)
The meeting was opened by the Chairman, Rob Wilson MP for Reading East, who welcomed us all and went on to say that, unfortunately, there seemed to be a bit of a clash with Fibromyalgia Awareness Day and the announcement from the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, that he was to resign!...  

One Dotty Lady and Her Car
FMA UK chairman, Pam Stewart, has taken raising awareness to a new dimension. Not satisfied with donning her own poker dot dress and matching hat, she has kitted out her brightly coloured yellow car to sport the FMA UK colours. She will certainly make her mark in her local town of Stourbridge as people query what has come over this dotty lady….  

Soapbox: fibro fog stories to fund research by Jeanne Hambleton
Can you make me, and hopefully hundreds of others, smile or laugh with your fibro fog stories? Remembering that laughter is the best medicine, I need your help with a chapter in the FM book I am editing and writing. I am not into doom and gloom - more laughter and humour - so I am including a chapter of funny stories from fibromites….  

Fibromyalgia Myth Busting by Karen Lee Richard
For many years Fibromyalgia has been considered something of a mystery, confounding the doctors who are trying to treat it and the patients who have to live with it. Only recently has new technology begun to unravel the truths about this mysterious disorder....  

Reversing Eight Vicious Cycles that Block Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Healing by Richard Podell, M.D.
People with any chronic illness tend to develop a set of self-defeating vicious cycles, which conventional medical approaches too often overlook. My practice places high priority on reversing these self-defeating cycles, as they are major obstacles to healing…. Subscribe to FaMily Magazine to get more of theses articles   

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