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Southampton GroupDo you experience itchy, flaky skin that comes up in red rashes and drives you crazy? Skin problems are quite common among people with fibromyalgia, so this month we talk to various people about the different symptoms they experience, look at the science behind it and provide tips on how to soothe your skin and avoid products that may irritate it.

Have you ever considered being a volunteer for the fibromyalgia helpline? This month, Shirley Button, shares her personal experience of a day in the life of a helpline volunteer. Have a read and see if it is something you could get involved in.

Also, Sue Tait reports from a M.E/FM conference in Southampton with opinions from some of the leading doctors in the field and updates on the latest research.

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My Skin Is Driving Me Crazy by Kathy Longley
"My skin is always so itchy, it drives me crazy," says Shayne, who has recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. "I get red rashes, like heat rash, with lots of little red bumps across my chest and shoulders and face, and my skin feels sore and painful to touch. I also get this crawling feeling," she adds, "as though little gnats are crawling over my skin. I keep reaching up to wipe at my face thinking there is something there, it must make me seem a little crazy!" Antonia, who has had fibromyalgia for many years, can reassure Shayne that she isn't alone....

Getting FM on the Radio
Liz Barber was interviewed by Steve Redgrave on Radio Humberside at 10.30pm on 13th March. Here she shares with us about her experience and gives us tips for speaking on the radio....

Putting the Patient at the Centre: Conference on ME/CFS and FM by Sue Tait
This biomedical and bioresearch conference was hosted by Hampshire Solutions, a newly forged local alliance of people with ME, FM and other related conditions, at Southampton General Hospital in February. The organisers were overwhelmed with the support the conference had from people with FM, medical professionals and therapists, with 130 people attending and another 130 on a waiting list. The speakers, from the UK and abroad, covered a wide area of expertise...

FMA UK's GP Flyers and Medical Booklets
The GP flyers and medical booklets have been mentioned in each of the replies to the recent e-petitions from the Prime Minister. In these replies it gives the impression that the government had a hand in the production and distribution process. In truth, they were mentioned in a circular to GPs from the Department of Health, but it was left to Fibromyalgia Association UK to produce, print and distribute them....

FMA UK Attends Rheumatology Conference
FMA UK were fortunate enough to gain a free place at the Annual Meeting of The British Society for Rheumatology and the spring meeting of British Health Professionals in Rheumatology event held at the new Arena Centre in Liverpool in April, giving us the opportunity to distribute our information booklets for both professionals and their patients to many of the delegates attending....

A Day in the life of a FMAUK Helpline Volunteer by Shirley Button
Working on the FMA UK helpline is certainly a varied and rewarding experience. For me, I am glad to play my part in helping other people with FM by simply listening to them and letting them know that I understand what they are going through....

Pregnancy and Beyond-With Midwife Denyse Moore
As I mentioned last month, the amount of pain people can tolerate varies widely. In my experience, women with FM seem to tolerate pain for longer than women without FM, probably due to having built up a certain amount of tolerance to pain. This month I am going to discuss the methods of pain relief that use drugs to help with the pain of labour and birth....

Skydiving for FM Awareness by Nola-Amber Smith
I am hoping to raise money and awareness of FMS this year by plunging a massive 13,000 feet in a tandem skydive on August 13th (thankfully not a Friday!). I would appreciate any sponsorship to help the only UK association to continue their good work. I feel this condition is more recognised and appreciated in the USA and the UK has yet to catch up with the care available for us silent sufferers. If you too have FMS, I am doing this for YOU! Please donate whatever you feel able to at www.justgiving.com/nola333. Many thanks and Good Luck to all!

World ME & FM Prayer and Meditation Day
 World ME & FM prayer and meditation day is held on 1st Monday of every month between 12-12.30pm. In September 2007 a new monthly World ME & FM prayer and meditation day was launched....

This month we will be discussing the idea that fibromyalgia syndrome is a "sensitivity to everything" syndrome, and the concept of "central sensitivity" syndromes....

Christine's Cookbook
Olive oil is the only vegetable oil that can be consumed as it is, freshly pressed from the fruit. Its beneficial health effects - due to the high content of antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids - include protection from heart disease…

New Book Review: A New Fibromyalgia Remedy: Antiviral Drugs
 A recent book, The New Fibromyalgia Remedy: Stop Your Pain Now with an Anti-Viral Drug Regimen, delves more deeply into the connection and suggests that antiviral medicine and food allergy treatment can be quite effective. Author Daniel C. Dantini, a Florida otolaryngologist who himself has fibromyalgia, says he believes that fibromyalgia is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus, herpesvirus 6, or parvovirus….

Build Up Your Resilience Learn to survive--and thrive--no matter what comes your way by Joan Borysenko, PhD
I've seen people do all kinds of things to relieve anxiety. Some have a glass of wine at dinner. Others shop or eat. But these are troubling times--with hurricanes, tsunamis, war, and acts of terrorism--and if drinking, eating, or hitting the mall is your way of fending off anxiety over the state of the world, you should know that the bill will eventually come due….

Fibromyalgia Employment Questionnaire
The Fibromyalgia Support Group for Surrey and Sussex are doing an anonymous questionnaire to obtain general information about current and previous employment. Results will be published in a future edition of FaMily magazine.

Do you have a FM friendly doctor?
You may recall that last November Norwegian doctors were asked to rank 38 different diseases according to the prestige with which they believe they are viewed within the medical profession. Patients suffering from a heart attack, or from leukaemia, spleen rupture, brain tumour and testicular cancer all had their conditions taken seriously.
It was no surprise to me that down near the bottom of the list of less prestigious illnesses was fibromyalgia lumped in with nervous/psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and anorexia…

Fibro what? By Jeanne Hambleton
The May 12 International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day may be long gone but finding a cure for fibromyalgia and raising funds for research is still an important issue. I am sure that all fibromites want to be cured. Living with 24/7 pain is a real pain. Without help from our Government, we have to find a way ourselves. You may already have read about the great response we have had to our new CD single called Fibro What? ….Subscribe to FaMily Magazine to get more of these articles

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