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July FaMily Magazine

Group PictureHave you considered trying the expert patient programme? This month, Ann Tee from the Black Country support group, explains how this course originated and how it could possibly help you cope with living with fibromyalgia. Anne was so impressed with the course that she trained to be a tutor to teach others the skills she had learnt.

Also, read about raising national awareness as Pam Stewart attends a European meeting in Brussels and the FM awareness coffee morning takes place at Westminster.

With the summer now in full swing, you may be setting off on holiday either abroad or in this country. Why not write in and tell us about your adventures.

With best wishes,
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Raising FM Awareness in Europe by Pam Stewart
I recently attended a special roundtable meeting in Brussels on 6th May to formalise a declaration on fibromyalgia to be presented to the European Commission from Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). At the meeting, attended by 13 European Network of Fibromyalgia Associations (ENFA) representatives from nine different EU countries along with MEPs, a draft declaration and strategic plan……

International FM Awareness Day Coffee Morning by Jean Turner, APPG Coordinator
The International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Coffee Morning was held on 12th May 2008 from 10.00am to 12noon in the Atlee Suite, Portcullis House, Westminster, London. It was not a formal meeting but a time for sufferers and MPs to meet to discuss the problems we encounter living with fibromyalgia.  As MPs are very busy people, most were unable to stay for the whole two hours but took the opportunity to come and meet their constituents during part of the morning.  It was also good to meet up with FM groups from around the country……

The Black Country Group's trip to London by Patricia Rogers
We had a very good trip to London. We arrived just after 10am, dropped off outside Portcullis House, just over the road from the Houses of Parliament.  After going through a rigorous security check we proceeded to the Atlee Suite where we met other groups from FMA UK.  Everyone was friendly and warm towards us.  Coffee, juice and biscuits were available throughout the morning. A few of the MPs were already there……

To EPP or not EPP is that Your Question? By Anne Tee
Many of us living with fibromyalgia may have seen EPP posters or flyers in our GP surgery or the local hospital. So what is EPP? It is the Expert Patient Programme. What is it?
Essentially it is a programme of sessions designed to help self manage a chronic long-term condition. That sounds very much what people with FM may want to do - self manage!.....

Different ways you may give birth with Midwife Denyse Moore
Every birth is unique! There are a multitude of factors that may influence each form of delivery. Vaginal birth is the most common and so will be the topic for this month. Induction of labour

Induction of labour may be recommended if you go more than 10-12 days overdue.  The best way for you to be induced is to have your waters broken followed by an oxytocin drip (drug to stimulate contractions) if required. Women with FMS may find that the rapid onset of labour is painful as natural labour usually begins more slowly allowing you to build up your endorphin levels. Ways you can lessen your pain is by walking around the labour room…..

Getting Active for FM Awareness by Robert Powell
I'm told that it's often easier to deal with a medical condition once you can give it a name, once the diagnosis gives it an identity.  In our case, my wife's diagnosis of fibromyalgia brought mixed feelings.  It was certainly instructive to finally have an answer to all of the bizarre, and seemingly unconnected bouts of anxiety and panic, nose and stomach problems, and of course the ubiquitous muscular distress, but also not that much of a comfort given that neither of us had ever heard of it, and the name itself (without the benefit of a public school Latin education) sounds pretty scary…….

Could You Have an Inhalant Allergy? By Dr. Myhill
‘Invisible’ inhalable irritants such as dust mites, mould, danders and pollens cause a variety of physical problems. Dr. Sarah Myhill, a UK-based preventive medicine and fatigue specialist, offers some basic advice on the signs of these sensitivities and how to deal with them….

Is Pain a Cause or Symptom of Depression?
Pain is depressing, and depression causes and intensifies pain. People with chronic pain have three times the average risk of developing psychiatric symptoms — usually mood or anxiety disorders — and depressed patients have three times the average risk of developing chronic pain…

Advice to FM Patients
  1. Focus on what you need to do to get better, not what caused your illness.
    Look forward, not backwards.
  2. Look for treatments, not cures.
    Physicians cure very few chronic medical illnesses; FM/CFS is not likely to be one of them.
  3. Find a health care provider who will work with you….
Christine’s Cookbook
This month’s recipes both contain herbs, a plant source with detoxifying qualities. Herbs also help to support the immune system and have natural healing powers. They are safe and gentle in the amounts used to flavour foods.

Brian Barr Wins Full £100,000 Insurance Claim for Norwich Woman
Mrs GL of Norwich was injured in a lifting incident at work in June and September 2004. She suffered a back injury which became chronic and she developed fibromyalgia. Mrs GL claimed under her Accident Protection policy. She was unable to work after the second accident and claimed under the Permanent Total Disablement Section of the policy. She had to establish that she had sustained accidental bodily injury which within twelve months resulted solely and independently of any cause in death, permanent disability or hospitalisation….

Improving the Doctor-Patient Interaction for Fibromyalgia Sufferers
The quality of the interaction between the patient and their doctor is extremely important in chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS).  However, unsuccessful attempts to control FMS often lead to frustration for both the doctor and the patient.  Doctors find it difficult to treat FMS due to the lack of medication available and the wide range of symptoms experienced by sufferers.  On the other hand, FMS patients frequently feel misunderstood, rejected, belittled and ignored by doctors…Subscribe to FaMily Magazine to get more of these articles

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