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May FaMily Magazine

What has growth hormone got to do with FM? Quite a bit it would seem.  This month we take a look at some of the latest research into the link between a lack of growth hormone and the symptoms of fibromyalgia and examine the various issues with obtaining growth hormone therapy.

Also, Julie Mcilmail tells us her inspirational story about her struggles with fibromyalgia and how she has found a new lease of life through managing a company called Girlracers, who are going to work with FMA UK to raise FM awareness.

With best wishes,
Kathy Longley (FMA UK Editor)

Conquering Fibromyalgia by Julie Mcilmail
My consultant's room was gloomy....he was gloomy..."I'm sorry, you have severe fibromyalgia syndrome and there is nothing more we can do for you," he said. Silence. ‚ÄúBut I'm 32 years old, I haven't yet walked down the aisle, travelled abroad or had my first child,‚ÄĚ I thought, how is there nothing you can do?‚ÄĚ The first few days post-diagnosis were spent in a state of anger, frustration and helplessness. I wanted to cry, cry hard, hard enough‚Ķ.

What Does Growth Hormone have to do with Fibromyalgia? By Kathy Longley
A lack of growth hormone is not something that immediately springs to mind when thinking of fibromyalgia. People with FM are not unusually short, so what has growth hormone got to do with it? Well, quite a bit it would seem, as growth hormone is responsible for much more than just our height. Growth hormone is vital for repairing and restoring any damage that occurs to our muscles and tissues during the normal rigours of everyday life. It……

Black Country Hit The Bridge Again!
The Black Country Fibromyalgia Support Group (BCFMSG) didn't have an accident. They were invited back to take part in the afternoon broadcast of local radio station, The Bridge, hosted by Pete Lines….

The Owl Man in South Gloucestershire by Elaine Stott
We were delighted to welcome back as our guest speaker, Ian McGuire, the 'Owl man'. Ian gave a fascinating illustrated talk about Wild-life Photography, featuring mainly shots of birdlife. Ian has spent a great deal of time in the Outer Hebrides, but he also revealed that equally impressive results can be achieved with birds in captivity or on reserves….

Launch of Wirral & Merseyside Fibro Office
The new Wirral and Merseyside office had its official opening ceremony on Saturday 21st March, when MP, Stephen Hesford,….

APPG on Fibromyalgia
The All Party Parliamentary Group on Fibromyalgia was set up to inform MPs about fibromyalgia and the difficulties surrounding its diagnosis and effective treatment. On March 18th, Pam Stewart, Jean Turner and Betty Farron, trustees of FMA UK, Christine Brown, regional co-ordinator……

Fibromyalgia Action Day in Europe
On March 7th members of the European Network of Fibromyalgia Associations gathered in eight European city centres, while normal people were doing their usual Saturday shopping, to reveal their plight as women suffering from fibromyalgia. The theme was ‚ÄėTrapped in Pain‚Äô and the women used nets to illustrate the confining pain of FM. This passive demonstration took place simultaneously in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Brussels, Dublin, Milan, Lisbon and Madrid. Have a look at what they got up to‚Ķ..

ENFA Meet the European Medicines Agency
At a meeting with the European Medicines Agency on Monday 16th March Pam Stewart, Carole Robert and Laura Jakovljevic represented ENFA.  The hour and a half meeting was attended by five of their representatives.  We explained the current difficulties throughout Europe with slow diagnosis….

The Spoon Theory
I just had to send you info on this fantastic article - The Spoon Theory. It was given to me by a friend with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome... another of the weird chronic illness gang. It's written by Christine Miserandino who has Lupus, but the way it describes daily life with a chronic illness can be applied to fibro just as well…..

Co-Proxamol - Let Us Write To Our MP by Jeanne Hambleton
It is more than a year since the Government in its wisdom withdrew co-proxamol - the ‚Äėmagic‚Äô cheap three pence tablet so many fibromites and others relied on to deaden the pain. It was one of the cheapest medications available for various pains at under ¬£3 for 100 tablets‚Ķ.

Fibromyalgia: Explaining the Problem and the Symptoms by Richmond Stace MSc MCSP
Fibromyalgia is a condition characterised by generalised muscle pain, stiffness, and tender points in specified locations with accompanying sleep difficulties, morning stiffness and fatigue. There have been differing ideas as to why this problem starts and how it is maintained, however there is still much to learn and understand…..

FM Spring and Summer fashion by Rosie Sanders
Believe it or not, another season is upon us: Spring/Summer (although I'm sure the weather will disagree!). I'm here to give my suggestions on this season's fashions from the perspective of practicality, comfort and suitability for people like myself, with a disability and body restrictions, but who still want to look fabulous….

Christine’s Cookbook
Whether you are vegetarian or not, you should enjoy this tasty meat-free bolognaise, full of healthy, warming ingredients. ‚ÄėBara Brith‚Äô is a famous Welsh recipe, and it means ‚ÄėSpeckled Bread‚Äô. Slice this delicious tea-time fruit bread and spread with butter. The banana and orange shake is a healthy milk drink enhanced by creamy ice-cream. Make the ice-cream an occasional treat‚Ķ.

Research: Spinal Irritation and Fibromyalgia: A Surgeon General and the Three Graces
Doctors have been responding to unexplained pain, primarily among women, for two centuries.  Early on in the 19th century, doctors named the unexplained syndrome of aches and pains "spinal irritation…

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