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🎰Can you imagine spinning a slot machine and this is what it lands on? For many with fibromyalgia, these are combi… https://t.co/oEdBaE95QZ

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Focus Magazine

Magazine Features February 2010

feb2010Why not settle down by a warming fire and get absorbed in the great features we have this month.
Our cover girl, singer/songwriter Shelly Quarmby, tells her heart wrenching story about her struggles with fibromyalgia and how her experiences have inspired her to release her first album: Change, the proceeds of which will be donated to FMA UK. Shelley writes:The lyrics were inspired by events in my life that became difficult to handle on top of having FM. I felt like I literally had no fuel to keep going, something would perk me up, but only for a while. I became frustrated with others, almost jealous because I couldn't be the best I knew I could be.  So although I unite with all those other independent musicians performing today, I also identify with a group of people in the UK and across the world affected by fibromyalgia…

I think every one of us battles with trying to exercise; can fibromyalgia and exercise really coexist?
This is the question that Melanie Forde addresses offering useful tips and advice about how to get going with and stick to an exercise programme:It is important to be realistic when planning exercise as consistency is the key to beneficial exercise. Living with FM causes us an enormous amount of frustration so we need to try not to add to that by trying to do things that are out of our reach. We need to tally up our resources. Think about each of the following:..
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Have you ever thought about FM from a child's perspective?
This month Andy Wright tells us about his mother who has fibromyalgia and how they have struggled as a family:My name is Andy and my mother has fibromyalgia. That sounds a bit like a confessional doesn’t it? As if I’m at a Fibromyalgia Anonymous meeting (FMA). But I have nothing to feel ashamed of, or any reason to be anonymous; when it comes to my feelings about how my mother has dealt with her FM, I am immensely proud of her and, at times, absolutely bewildered by her longstanding superhuman resilience! …

And of course, Fibro Duck has his own special feature, this time about his new romance with Blushing Beauty in the USA witnessed by Jean Crossley:
Having travelled many miles we were relieved to settle in one place for several weeks. You can imagine my joy when out shopping my eyes spotted a playmate for Fog.  My friend, who was with me, decided that Fog would really appreciate an American friend and promptly bought the blushing beauty. Once home we made the introductions and were delighted to see the friendship blossom. Fog and Blushing Beauty (BB) became inseparable...

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