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Health and Wellbeing Seminar: Feel Good and Be Successful!

On the 27th of September, Melanie Forde of Proactive Wellness put together and hosted the seminar: Feel Good and Be Successful and she invited members of FMA UK to attend with a special discount. This positive and exciting event was designed to enable each individual to begin to develop their own health management programme. During the event the attendees took a holistic look at themselves and made an assessment as to which areas of their health and wellbeing need to be improved in order to boost their success in life. They had the opportunity to create a plan of action to get them on the road to making significant progress in a chosen area of their life with a personal coaching session on the day.

Due to her own experience of battling with FM and understanding how frustrating the symptoms can be, Melanie was keen to have as many people with FM at the event as possible. She wanted to offer members the chance to focus on what they wanted to achieve in their lives and how they could manage themselves positively in order to achieve their goals. So what did those in attendance say?

“I attended the Health and Wellbeing seminar in September 2011. There was an interesting mix of participants. Not all FM people. I was keen not to attend something whereby we sat round and compared symptoms and this session was not like that. There were newly diagnosed people with other coaches and counsellors so a good span. We discussed personality traits and how they can impact on perceptions both externally and internally and thus in turn how we are viewed by others. I am a functioning FM person and I feel that sessions like this allow you to chip away at the driving irritants that force you to be your own worst enemy. A moment to catch your breath. I thank Melanie for her time and wish her every success.” - Jo Wood

“I have Fibromyalgia plus recently diagnosed with carpel tunnel and peripheral neuropathy in both legs. I went along hoping to meet other people with FM and come away with ways of dealing with my disabilities. I was pleasantly surprised; there were about four people with FM all at different stages. Melanie the facilitator was great, she really did think about people and their disabilities. From the location, the amount of breaks and most importantly the way in which the seminar was done. I went away with ideas and an action plan, and being able to talk to people with FM was great. I look forward to the next seminar and shall recommend her workshops to my family and friends. Thank you Melanie” – Lorraine Pantry

Living with FM can be a challenge and often the impact is the effect the condition has on the different areas of our lives. Melanie’s desire is to offer a positive and safe space in which to support you in creating a strategy to move towards the achievement of your goals in life in spite of the symptoms you face. The strategy you develop is unique to you and you decide what you are ready to do. Everyone in attendance is encouraged to consider options that are right for them personally and that they feel comfortable moving forward with. Some of the benefits of attending include:

  • Gaining a Clear Sense of Your Level of Wellbeing.
  • Developing a Personal Stress Management Strategy.
  • Designing a Vision for Your Wellbeing.
  • Identifying Key Areas in Your Life Where You Are Holding Yourself Back.
  • Creating and Exploring Strategies to Catapult Yourself Forward.
  • Learning ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem and Confidence.
  • Have a Coaching Session on an Area of Your Personal Choice.
  • Meeting Positive, Inspirational, and Like-Minded Individuals.
  • Deciding How To Go About Creating Lasting Change For Yourself.
  • Relaxing for the Day and Focusing on You!

For more information about the next Health and Wellbeing Seminar coming up in November go to: http://feelgoodandbesuccessful2.eventbrite.com

By Melanie Forde

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