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Fibro Awareness Event - Mumbles, Swansea

My name is Kelly Joanne Treasure, Im 29 years of age I live in Swansea, Wales Area.
I am mum of two amazing children.

5 years ago i started feeling really exhausted, legs and back ached so much i was working alot at the time so i genuinely thought it was because i was on my feet all day and working alot is why i felt so ill & apart from the normal stresses of life, my life was good.

It carried on like that for 2-3 years missing days of work, feeling more & more exhausted, week, mood swings were up & down, headaches, abdominal pain, swelling, legs & back felt like they had a tone of weight on them i could hardly walk on times because the pain was so unbearable.

Then 2 years ago i moved and started a new job it lasted 3 months as it came to the point i couldn't bare with the pain no longer i knew something wasn't right i was crying in pain and the thought of going to work wasn't even an option I felt so lifeless it was literally taking over my life.

So i visited my new GP at the time and they referred me to see a neurologist as my local hospital.
I was on the waiting list for 9months before i got to see anyone.

I had numerous blood tests and a MRI scan but they all came back fine so by this point i was so frastraighted i literally started thinking it was all in my head.
I got so depressed, i didn't leave my bedroom i was sleeping all the time in total agony & began to have awful memory loss, lost all motivation to do anything it was awful.

I was on orahmorph for a little while for the pain as i waited to see the neurologist but I stopped taking that due to feeling incapible to do anything let alone be a mum to my two children.

By this point id been back and forth to the doctors and pain clinic where they did other tests to rule out any other conditions but there was talk that i may have a condition called Fibromyalgia.

So they started me on gabapentine & slowly it was starting to help the pain.

Finally in January 2018 i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, i say finally because having suffered for so long i knew that there was something wrong and i just wanted to know so i could start having some Closure & slowly try to peice by peice get my life back again.

It has and still is massively affecting my everyday life. Everyday is different, there is no way of knowing how you are going to be from one day to the next.

My advice to anyone who is in a similar situation as myself is to do things at a slow pace don't over do things as you will be paying for it for days after. Its about managing your pain your fibromyalgia.

I am still unable to do any physical work or do the littlest but most rewarding things like having a game of footy with my son or dance with daughter like i used to it is soul destroying. Its hard but im determined to control it instead of letting it control me.
Some days though its tough.

Im also very lucky to have such understanding & supportive family members & partner.

After i got diagnosed i realised that the majority of people i spoke to had no idea what fibromyalgia was and what affect it has on us who are affected by it.

So for this reason i have decided to organise a fibromyalgia Awareness & Research Charity Event in my area of Swansea.

In aid to make the community more aware of this condition & to raise proceeds for its research to hopefully help find for treatments to stabilise it or even find a cure so that for people like me who are suffering & struggling with this can condition can have a chance of leading close to normal lives.

I hope my story inspires everyone with this condition to try and raise proceeds & awareness in your areas.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

My event details are:
Kelly's Fibromyalgia Awareness & Research Charity Event

It will be held at:
The kinsale pub, Mumbles, Swansea
7pm - Late.

. 3 Singers, DJ, Comedian & a band.

Entry price £5 per ticket

Raffle ticket £1 per strip with amazing raffle prizes.

Fantastic Auction prizes.

All proceeds from this event will go to fibromyalgia Action Uk


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