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6th International FM Conference, Chichester April 2015


Thank you to Jeanne Hambleton for updating us on the Conference weekend:

If you have not booked for our 6th international Fibromyalgia Conference on April 24/27 2015, it is not too late.   Once again the cost is as low as we can make it to enable folks to enjoy the education, research news, make new friends, as well as entertainment, fun and laughter. You will have a chance to talk to the speakers personally 1-2-1 - almost a private consultation as part of the conference weekend and you will be among folk who understand your aches and pains. It has been said, “Conference is a great educational and social experience”. We aim to please.

If finding the fee is a stumbling block, you can make payment by using your credit card. Why not add it to your Tesco shopping credit card paying off a little each month.  Paypal will accept cards with a 4% charge. This year we feel sure the conference will not disappoint.

When folks talk about fibromyalgia there are several symptoms most of us suffer and live with. This is pain 24/7, chronic fatigue, sleeplessness, cognitive behaviour, IBS, morning stiffness, and depression. This time our experts will be highlighting these symptoms.

With a wide and varied programme around the main FM symptoms, we are aiming to please with interesting speakers from the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK, giving you their views on living with FM.

STOP PRESS I  have confirmed today that  I  have booked Dr Sarah Myhill -  who  we hope  will be considering additional research connections between fibromyalgia and Mitochrondia.  Her talks are so important she is  giving a number of sessions on this important topic.   We are all so excited  about this interesting link and having a speaker who is an expert in this field. Iris Weverman, a registered physiotherapist from Canada who specialises in FM, will talk  about chronic fatigue, stiffness and exercise for fibromyalgia. In a second talk  she will discuss trigger points versus tender points. This is not to be missed.

Dr. Nick Read, a leading speaker from Sheffield, a gastroenterologist psychoanalyticalpsychotherapist, human nutritionist, interested in FM, will talk about his active interest in the IBS Network, and integrated medicine.  As a nutritionist we are hoping he will give us a recommended diet for those with IBS.

Andrew Pothecary, a Specialist Pharmacist in  Rheumatology & Biologics at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, will be lecturing at The Clinical Pharmacy Congress on the Future of Clinical Pharmacy in London on the Friday.  But he has agreed to stop over and talk to us on Saturday. We hope to learn more about the medications for our pains that our GPs describe for fibromites. 

Afifah Hamilton, MNIMH Cert Phyt ITEC, GAP practitioner and nutritionist, is an alternative medical practitioner who uses herbal remedies for wellbeing. Afifah is medically trained and a specialist in physical, psychological and conventional treatments with herbal options. She will be discussing sleeplessness among other symptoms.

An American lady with fibromyalgia and a great reputation,  will be with us to talk about her commitment for FM. We hope she will include news of research, life with FM in the States  and living with fibromyalgia. Jan Chambers is President of the USA National Fibromyalgia  & Chronic Pain Association, founder of the Centre of Understanding, Research and Education  of Fibromyalgia (CURE FM) and co-founder of the NFA Leaders Coalition, Executive Committee.  Married for 35 years and the mother of 5 children, Jan has had a roller coaster ride with fibromyalgia since 2005. Her background really makes interesting reading and will save a lot of questions if you are coming to conference. This really is a lady who commands my highest respect and I am honoured she has agreed to visit us. Try http://www.fmcpaware.org/jan-chambers

I’ve got my life back, and I love every minute of it” she said.

Another interesting speaker with big claims is Philip Rafferty. Born in  the UK  he lives in  Australia and travels the world. A specialist in fibromyalgia, chronic pain and CFS he is a kinesiology ‘wizard’. He claims the corrections he teaches fibromites keeps them out of  fight/flight/ freeze/survival.  What he does he says is different to anything else. He achieves instant dramatic pain reduction. A must see!

We are again pleased to welcome Wes and John with the Benefits & Debt Clinic which will be operating Friday afternoon from 3.15pm. Look at their website -  for debt and benefits http://frontlinedebtadvice.org.uk/- you might find it interesting.

As usual there will also be other attractions. On Friday we have the film premier of the documentary film made at FM Conference 2014. It is called ‘Focus on Fibromyalgia’ and includes consultants’ comments as well as those who live with this condition. Be sure to see the film as it is a movie you must see.  Lasting 65 mins. it is full of information and you will need to go back and back again to the film to see what you missed. Copies of the film will be available to purchase after the premier.

Jen Lee is back with us again for some light relief and with more Belly Dancing steps to learn. We hoping to have all doctors on stage Sunday afternoon. Do not forget the auction of wine and other gifts donated by delegates on Monday morning.

Simon Stuart, a leading member of the FibCon team, who works in the medical profession with the elderly, will be giving a talk about Alzheimers.  You will also meet Nicki Southwell this time.  A name some will know, Nicki has been working with Simon and I for several  months as Assistant Co-ordinator.  We were sorry to lose Teresa White  towards the end of last year, due to her health problems. We understand she is on the mend but taking things slowly.  We have a great team of helpers this year who will be wearing their pink badges and should be able to help delegates and answer questions.

This conference will be an action packed  weekend as usual – Friday to Monday –from April 24th to 27th 2015 at Chichester Park Hotel,  plus evening entertainment, all included for £220 per person sharing  double room  – just £55 a day all found. There are no single bookings now only a waiting list.   

We hope it will be another smash hit conference with entertainment, fun and laughter in the evenings as well as educational and helpful tips. For more information about the 2014 conference and where to book see http://fibromyalgiaconference.weebly.com

STOP PRESSWe have been offered a chance to provide our delegates with a trial run of the new and exciting ActiPatch. If it works for you Boots sell the patches which are a forerunner of a Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy device which provide 90 hours of 8 hour treatments (720 hours).

 ActiPatch is said to be a highly effective therapy by chronic pain individuals and  trials have increased purchases after sample use. This reflects the result of the reported benefits of clinically significant and sustained decreases in chronic pain, large improvements in quality of life, and decreases in the reliance of analgesic pain medications including opioid based drugs. We have had news from an American FM group where members used the patch and are excited about it. We only have a limited number of patches for FM delegates only.

It is worth mentioning the weekend conferences are sponsored by Folly Pogs Fibromyalgia Research. Every booking makes a contribution to fibromyalgia research and the raffle and other paid items contribute to FM research.  No one gets paid except the bills. We survive under The Old Pal Act 1845. We beg and borrow to make ends meet. 

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